• lighting


    Castello is a unique chandelier that looks at ancient lighting systems and transports them in the contemporary world as well as making them elegant and refined. The circular majestic castles and basilicas, is made of metal; candles are modern led lights embedded in precious pinnacles, true figurines, made one by one with all the mastery of Murano glass, therefore making them unique.


    Caena is not just a lighting system, it is much more : It is a tradition of Murano glass married to research in the field of light. its name comes from the Venetian language and mean chain.

    Caena originates from an object, a lighting hook, of a pure and essential design, which can be "hung" to an attack from the ceiling, single or multiple, in series of combinations ranging from a minimum of one to a maximum of 20 hooks for each attack.


    Designed by Chiaramonte Marin

    A belt composed shaped glass that may create different forms, on different and concentric layers. The typical production of modular and customized chandeliers of Murano tradition is evident in this piece, but rendered through the use of thin and evanescent glass, with a soft texture and a sharp and strong cut as welL.

    Lemonish Yellow glass,

    Medium Grey Glass,

    Violet Glass


    Jimmy is not only a suspension lamp but, thanks to the modular design in which it is conceived, is an object that can easily turn into a modular sculpture. 

  • AURA

    A chandelier composed of suspensions in blown glass realized with the "rigalin" technique.

    H 200 cm / Ø 120 cm-H 78.7' /Ø 47.2'


    Designed by Davide B

    A perfect blending of shapes and surfaces, of tradition and innovative design through an elegant and only apparent fragility

    H 46 cm / Ø 58 cm-H 18.1' /Ø 22.8'


    A chandelier that echoes and simplifies the classical model, innovating its technique.

    H 42 cm / Ø 83 cm-H 16.5' /Ø 32.7'